Stokes Arm Sling

$ 189.99

Seller: Stokes Skis

The armsling has been designed for comfort, made from a long lasting material. Very high quality. The actual band itself has been made from a very soft neoprene to support the arm for comfort. Fully adjustable to fit the arm size and the distance you prefer to keep the elbow from the body. The strength and supporting rings that are used are a one-piece welded mechanism, therefore making them safer.

The biggest benefit with the Stokes sling is these 2 main factors:

1. The buckles gels are Stokes unique and are a flatter design, nonslip, which prevents less chance of buckles digging into suit and ribcage as they sit very flush to the suit.

2. Another great benefit is the excess strapping tugs away into a unique neoprene sleeve preventing the use of harsh Velcro strapping.

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