Flag slalom – awesome idea for open waters

Flag slalom – awesome idea for open waters

We share Marcus Brown's vision of growing the sport by bringing waterskiing back to the public waters and that is why we wanted to share this great idea with you.... Let's be honest, things are just better when there is a little bit of friendly competitiveness going on....
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Flag Slalom

Flag Slalom gives skiers an easy method of competing against each other, without the need for any sort of slalom course. In fact you don't need anything at all in the water, so you could do this in the mid Atlantic, if the whim took you. Mind you, this would beg the question, "What are you doing in the middle of the Atlantic in a ski boat?". Also, Flag Slalom offers many variations on slalom skiing. Anyone who can ski (on 1 ski or 2), knee-board, wake-board or even steer a Ringo can have a go at Flag Slalom. You don't need to be mega-fit (although it will help to get you fit), and you can have a go almost as soon as you have learned to get up out of the water. It's easy to drive for, and involves no technology more sophisticated than a stopwatch. How it works is very simple. There are 2 flags on short poles fixed to the deck of the boat (1 on each side)... like this picture...
  When the skier is up and away, they ski away from the centre-line of the boat's wake until the rope touches a flag pole to earn a scores of 1 buoy. They then cross the wake to hit to other flag, and so on, until they fall or the pass is completed.In a fixed period of time the skier must try to score 6 buoys. A judge in the boat keeps score and, just like in real slalom, a pass can be made harder - first by allowing less time for a pass, and then by shortening the rope. It's all down to angles and timings you see! Source: Propeller Graphics

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  1. Marcus Brown just wet his pants!

  2. Great idea, a simpler form of the Bat Blaster, ( an audible device blind skiers use). You would need to make the flag positions movable between the back of the boat and the pylon to more accurately replicate where buoys would be as the line gets shorter. Suction cups and a bendable flag pole.

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