News flash: Freddy Krueger goes 250ft

News flash: Freddy Krueger goes 250ft

Freddy Krueger just set the pending World Jump Record of 250ft at the Isles of Lake Hancock tournament.

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  1. Skier

    Congrats Freddy. That’s huge!

  2. Eric Anderson


  3. Guy Canha


  4. Frank Wedd

    This is my take as a very far removed, still huge lover of the sport with nor the time or the money to feasibly compete anymore. Not to mention I live in Canada now. ( again)

    Freddy’s 250. So sick
    The fact that guys run 41 now…..a lot. Never imaginable
    Not sure about the trick record but around 12 right?

    What pisses me off is when people say that pro skiers are not athletes

    Cutting toward a ramp late as shit…..massive mental strength to hang on
    Tricking 12k…..some of the most hardcore cardio I’ve ever seen
    Running 39……have you ever shaken hands with someone who runs 39? BEAST

    you think pro skiers aren’t athletes? You’re dumb

    Don’t doubt a pro skier, because they are pros

    Good Night

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