InFlight Movie Teaser

What is in Flight?

In Flight is a video that aims to bring awareness to the sport of WaterSki Flying. We want people to see what we do, and be inspired to get out on the water and live their dreams. The Waterski Community is such a special place for everyone involved. We want to bring the community together and show the world just how amazing this sport we all love is, and the lifestyle that comes along with it. As one of the least recognized and most diverse action sports in the world we have set out to show the world what hitting a 6 ft tall ramp on Waterskis at 70 mph really feels like. We pull 5 G’s of force, and sail upwards of 260 ft in traditional jumping. With the World Record of Ski Flying being just shy of 300 ft, and a hungry group of us feeling ready to chase it, don’t be surprised when you see some jumps that look a little bit longer than normal!

A handful of the top Men flyers in the world have come together to work and to shoot in Flight. We are doing things that have never been done before, and putting our lives, and careers on the line for the future of our sport. We know how special what we do is, and we need to take some risks to show what it feels like!

Stay tuned and follow our progress!

INFLIGHT ( teaser ) from thm production on Vimeo.