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Welcome to the new SkiFly, the one and only site in the water ski industry with true freedom of speech. After years of service to the water ski community around the world, we decided to retire the old site and spike new energy into the design and functionality while keeping the same core features many of you like. We struggled (not really) with the idea of the forum, and whether to make it anonymous or not… And you know why we didn’t change a thing? Because we think every industry needs a site where people can freely express their opinions without being frowned upon by their peers… Call us the TMZ of water skiing… That’s what we are here for, so go ahead folks: discuss, inform, spread the word, rant and rave. Just like the old site, with some awesome new twists!




Top 10 Male Pro WaterSkiers with the most Instagram Followers

Welcome to our very first top 10 category where we will focus on various top 10 things from the water ski industry. To kick things off, we start…

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Win a Camaro Wetsuit and IndoBoard Kicktail with Adam Sedlmajer

Pro water skier, Adam Sedlmajer, is giving away two of his training essentials. Top prize is a high quality Camaro Modetec Titanium Spring Suit. This high end suit…

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